We understand that there is always more than one way to deliver a project, the key is finding the safest and most efficient. Our team has extensive experience in running through optioneering of High Voltage projects to understand the pros and cons around each solution and what is required. We can do this collaboratively with your team or we can complete a concise report so that you can understand exactly how each option sits in your delivery model.

We can achieve this by

Map out the delivery from cradle to grave to understand the optimal time to take a scheme though each stage.
Produce a stakeholder management plan that details what sort of engagement is required and what a successful engagement looks like.
Identify risks and mitigations to ensure a smooth delivery with regard to cost and time.
Understand exactly what a successful delivery is and how that sits within your portfolio of work.
Present all possible scenarios to help inform the best option.
Put together a comparative analysis from similar schemes.

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