Front End Engineering Design (FEED)

Once the option has been decided it is especially important to use any time in development to engineer out any risk. In a lot of instances contracts are let carrying a lot of unknowns and this materialises in delivery as either additional spend or an undeliverable project. This is not good as companies can not forecast their spend accurately or can’t deliver the portfolio of work they want to.

We can advise of which elements of design should be carried out at this stage to help define the scope then engage our designers to carry out the work. This helps to early identify areas such as hard and soft infringements, structural overutilsation and foundation overutilisation.

We can carry out detailed site assessments to put together a programme of work to fit outage requirements. This will also allow us to provide a detailed breakdown of what sort of work is required at each location

We can put together a detailed stakeholder management plan to help understand who can influence the project and how best to manage it. Early engagement with stakeholders can help to understand any restrictions on a project and how they impact time and cost.

With an efficient FEED process, we can allow you to understand exactly what the scope of work is and with our estimators can give you a real time cost with a risk register detailing the required contingency.